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Liberty Ranch

Home is where the heart is and Liberty Ranch endeavors to blend US history, nature, wildlife,

and the love for our country all in one place, this place - Liberty Ranch.


Get to Know Us

Liberty Ranch endeavors to transform 20 pristine and beautiful acres in Northwest Montana for friends of the Lee Family to enjoy the greatness of this country. Starting from raw, never developed land, Liberty Ranch will be uniquely created to blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and the wildlife that call it home. Liberty Ranch will blend US history, love for our country, with nature and wildlife in a way no other endeavor has ever undertaken.

Seeing Into the Future...

COVID changed a lot of things and a lot of people.  The natural disasters we all see and witnessed can happen to us, and as lifetime California residents, we have seen it all - the OJ Simpson trial, riots, earthquakes and civil unrest.  With wars brewing all over the globe and global politics changing and edging towards conflict, as parents we want to be prepared and we want a safe place for our kids; under almost any incident. Realizing that with the virus, there will more than likely be another, and more than likely more dangerous than COVID having a home where we could be safer and still be in the open now became essential. A place we could evacuate to and still live a life, whereas in the city, with crowds and underserved citizens, securing yourself and your family safely is not really possible, the more people the more chance of infection or sickness. Global unrest in all forms are racing through societies and countries across the world. Travel now made unsafe for hatred against US citizens, danger posed by increasing hostilities, and other such worries left us with a lower desire to travel due to the safety issues of it all. What would happen if a virus broke out and we were locked in another country? Why do we want to visit Russia now after their invasion of Ukraine, would it even be safe let alone us wanting to patronize such a country? With a lower desire to travel, staying at home and listening to your soul and your mind think became SO appealing.

How it all started

The Process

What Felt Right...

I have the fortune of being able to travel for a living and do so extensively. In my travels I have been able to see many states and cities, interacting with Americans all over. Due the drought in the Southwest and water becoming more scarce due to the effects of global warming, we did not look anywhere where the weather was excessively hot or dry. This eliminated practically the entire west coast and Texas. We do not agree with any anti-police movement so any state or major city that supported that we also eliminated. Due to the new expected heat belt due to hit the central US in the coming decade, we also omitted Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, & Missouri. The remaining states that appealed to me the most in my travels were Montana, Wyoming, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, & Connecticut. I then set out to drive each of those states in search of areas and people that “felt right”. I know that is a very subjective approach, but it is what it is. Choosing a future is not always a simple analysis of the facts, but a combination of facts and what feels and looks right. Sometimes, what felt right the first time, I would repeat over and many details I missed the first time became evident the second time. Spending a week in Tennessee, a week in the Northeast, and a week in Wyoming and Montana; I knew and felt Montana was special. The people in Montana just sucked me in from day one.

What Sealed the Deal...

My first week in Montana was in late October. The “looking” convinced me in so many ways throughout the week I spent there. I flew into Bozeman, walked into the quiet terminal and there was a huge wall of glass with people facing a beautiful view of the lightly snow capped Bridger Mountains. No noise, just quiet as they read their books staring out the window waiting for their flights.

Deciding on Montana

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